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As a husband and father, the best example I can set in the world is by helping others. That’s why I’ve built my career around helping my fellow business owners grow their companies. My hope is that this website and my company help you to grow your business and achieve your goals.
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Smash Your Quota: Find and Sell to Startups Like a Boss

Posted by Rob Misheloff

Do you sell  products or services to small businesses?

Did you know over 100,000 new business are started in the US every month?

What if you could contact a business before they ever even opened their doors?

(…and… be the first person to contact them…)

That… would be awesome, right?

Check this out…

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How to Lease or Finance Cannabis Equipment

Posted by Rob Misheloff


You're gonna grow dope?

Did you know it's still technically illegal

Your friends probably think you're making money hand over fist...

Unless they also operate a marijuana business.


Lenders won't exactly line up to provide you with financing - but there are a few.

Be prepared for rates on the high side - costs rise with risk, and it's hard to think of a riskier business than growing weed.

P.S. We hear from lots of pre-revenue start-ups that have ridiculous assumptions in their business "plans" ... their CO2 extractor is going to net $100,000 a month... 

...and then are surprised when the payments they are offered are higher than they had planned for. 

Let's have a sober discussion about what real costs are to lease equipment for your "legal" cannabis business. 


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Should You use Direct Lenders for Equipment Leasing and Financing?

Posted by Rob Misheloff



You may read this article... or if you prefer you may listen to it. 

You may listen by clicking in the box below... or on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher (just search for the "Smarter Business Finance Podcast")

Are you looking for equipment financing for your business?

Or for your customers?

Have you been told…

…that you should work with XYZ company …

…because they are a “direct lender?”

Why is it better to work with a direct lender?

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Topics: Leasing

Small Business Debt Relief (5 Ways to Get Your Life Back)

Posted by Rob Misheloff



You’re running a successful business…

…there should be plenty of profit left over (for you to, like live on)…

…but somehow…

…loan payments are eating away all the profit.

(Sound familiar?)

Here are a few ways your small business can get out of debt:

(… or at least get some breathing room…)

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Topics: Problems With Business Lending, Small Business Loans

Office Equipment Leasing: Should You Finance Business Equipment?

Posted by Rob Misheloff


Decking out an office…

… it’s amazing how fast it all adds up.

(Even if you’re buying “cheap” furniture…)


Should you pay cash?

Or… should you lease and/or finance equipment?

Check this out…

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Topics: equipment leasing rates

Subprime Equipment Financing: How High are the Rates?

Posted by Rob Misheloff


What do you do…

…if you need to finance equipment…

…but your credit is so bad it hurts a lender’s eyes?

Did you know…

… there are programs you can access for subprime truck leasing?

(And other types of equipment too…)

But… a warning…

You really, *really* need to be careful.

Check this out:

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5 Crucial Steps to Finding the Best Equipment Financing Company (for You)

Posted by Rob Misheloff


Have you Googled around for equipment financing?

Seen any jokers proclaiming themselves to be the “#1 Best Equipment Financing Company?”

Who proclaimed them that?

Was there a vote?

Already seems like a company to avoid, doesn’t it?

Let’s talk about how to find the best equipment financing company…

…for you.

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Topics: Leasing

First Time Owner-Operator Financing: The 5 Best Programs

Posted by Rob Misheloff



You’re trying to finance your first truck…

It’s a bitch, right?


Finding the information you need to make a decision online?

Good luck with that.

I know what you’re thinking too…

“Are these guys going to screw me on the rates?”

Check this out…

Special Note: There are dozens of programs available for owner operators. Some may be a better fit for you than others. To learn about more programs than are covered in this article, click here 

 PS - Don't feel like reading?

You may also listen to this article by clicking the "play" button below. To download it to your phone, find the Smarter Business Finance Podcast in Itunes, Stitcher or Google Play. 

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Topics: Leasing

The Truth about Boom and Bucket Truck Financing

Posted by Rob Misheloff



What’s the difference between…

… a lying scumbag finance company…

…and a bucket of spit?

That’s right…

The bucket.

Funny, right?

Wanna know what’s not so funny?

Lying to you about the rates.


Check this out…

Special Note: If you're in a hurry, and just want to speak to a live person (who will tell you the truth), you may skip all the reading and click here

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Topics: Leasing

Concrete Mixer Truck Financing: Rates, Payments and How to Qualify

Posted by Rob Misheloff



Looking online for how to finance a concrete or cement truck?


I know where you’ve been...

Almost like you’ve gotta take a shower now, right?

Ready for the truth yet?

Let’s show you some info you can actually use….

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