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Semi Truck Financing

5 min read

First Time Commercial Truck Financing: (5 Best Programs)

So… You’re trying to finance a commercial truck as a first time buyer. It’s a bitch, right? And… Finding the information you need to make a decision online? Good luck with that. I know what you’re thinking too… “Are these guys going to screw me...

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4 min read

Used Truck and Trailer Financing: Rates with Good Credit

So… Time to get another truck (or trailer). Do you want to buy new… Or just new to you? It depends, right? If you’re financing, will buying used mean higher rates? (Probably) Check this out…

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3 min read

Used Truck Financing: How to Finance Older Trucks

If you're in the trucking business, you probably want to be successful, right? Whether you're running a dump truck, a semi, or a water truck, you've got to make sure the numbers work, or else you won't be driving your own truck for very long. A lot...

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8 min read

Truck Financing: How to Avoid Being Ripped off for $7,300+

Are you looking for truck financing? You probably want to avoid getting ripped off, right? Maybe you check out some companies online... Did you know that some companies with an A+ BBB rating... Show up all over complaint websites like ...

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6 min read

Commercial Truck Financing for Good Credit, Bad Credit and Startups

If you're trying to get the information you need about commercial truck financing you may be having some difficulty. The big problem in the truck financing industry - some people that run financing companies learned early on in their career that if...

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5 min read

Used Semi Truck Leasing for Owner Operators: What are the Costs?

Getting a new truck? (Well... new ... to you... right?) Your big question: How much does this cost? The truth is... You need to know how much your truck payments will be. That way you can figure out if the truck is worth it. Bonus: If you hate...

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