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Mining Equipment Financing: The Ultimate Guide

Get the real information you need to know about mining equipment financing for your business.

Mining Equipment Financing: How to Strike Gold with the Right Lender

Picture this:

You're on the brink of something big…

Your mining operation is ready to level up, and all you need is that perfect financing deal.

The one that transforms your hard work from small-scale to the industrial league.

This isn't just a dream—it's a real treasure waiting to be found…

Choosing a financing partner is critical.

 It's like picking your expedition team, right?

They're the ones holding the financial compass, leading the way through complex terrain.

This partner is key—they power up your drills and help your business strike gold, or they leave you chasing the glimmer of a pyrite promise.

The financing landscape?

It's a bustling marketplace, full of deals and options as varied as the earth’s layers.

Interest rates swing, lenders come in all shapes and sizes, and…

… the choices?

They’re vast, each with its own set of maps and tools.

From sturdy bank loans to nimble alternative lenders, who is right for you?

Let’s get started…

The Bedrock Basics of Mining Equipment Financing


What's mining equipment financing?

It's how you get your hands on the latest and greatest gear—without the old-time hassle of buying it outright.

Now, let’s break down the types of financing out there…

Loans: These are your straight shooters. You borrow the cash, buy the equipment, and pay back over time. Most loans come with a fixed payment.

Leases: You use the equipment for a set time, and when the lease is up, you can buy it, extend the lease, or hand back the keys. Some companies choose to lease for tax purposes, but mining equipment holds value well, so many companies do choose loans over leases.  

Lines of Credit: Lines of credit can be used to purchase equipment. The pros – nobody can tell you what to use your credit line for (so you don’t have to deal with equipment lending restrictions)… but  there are downsides. Lines of credit are usually better kept clear for working capital needs instead of for purchasing fixed assets.

Finding the Right Lender for a Mining Equipment Loan


How do you find the right lender?

First – how fast do you need the equipment, and how many hoops do you want to jump through?

If you have time to wait, and fill out paperwork, your bank may be the best place to go.


Banks will often have lower rates than you can get elsewhere.

If your highest priority is finding the lowest cost of financing, a bank may be your best source of financing.

But… banks do have drawbacks:

  • Banks are slow. You may have to wait a long time for answers and do a lot of back-and-forth.
  • Banks typically want a full financial package – which can be a challenge if your financials aren’t in the condition a bank would want to see…
  • Many bank loans come with covenants that can restrict future borrowing ability and put a lien on your entire business.
  • With all that work you’ll do to try to qualify… banks have dismal approval rates.

Your other option is an equipment financing company.

That’s what we do. Depending on your situation, we may or may not be your best choice.

To Apply...  Click Here...

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of equipment financing companies versus your bank.

Equipment Financing: Pros and Cons


Pros of Equipment Financing Companies Cons of Equipment Financing Companies
  • Faster processing than banks
  • Lower down payment required
  • Less documentation needed
  • Higher approval rates
  • May have higher payments than banks
  • May have prepayment fees
  • May include additional fees or premiums

If you choose an equipment finance company, there’s a lot to be careful of out there.

If you want to consider us – here’s where we would be a good fit:

  • You value speed.
    • We can usually secure an approval within 24 hours.
    • We work with 25 different lenders and have 75 credit portfolios to choose from.
  • Your credit is not terrible.
    • We work with A-C portfolios and are not the best fit for “very challenged credit” scenarios.
  • You are buying equipment valued from $10,000 to $1,000,000.
    • Sometimes, we get requests for $10 million or more in financing. We are not the best fit for transactions like that. We mess them up.

Getting the Best Mining Equipment Financing for You


The more you know about your company’s financial standing and the equipment you need, the better.

Understanding the market value of your equipment and your company’s budget constraints are key.

An important factor to consider is how much revenue the equipment will generate compared to what the payments on the equipment are.

One challenge you may encounter when shopping:

Which lenders are telling you the truth?

The equipment financing industry is rife with scams so it’s important to research any company you are considering.

Make sure to read any contracts carefully to avoid potential issues such as surprise balloon payments or evergreen clauses.

Qualifications and Getting Approved for Mining Equipment Funding


We are often asked how much information is needed to apply to finance mining equipment.

It depends.

The biggest consideration is the size of the transaction.

In many cases, a credit report is all that is needed – but for transactions over $250,000 or so, bank statements and/or financial statements and tax returns may be required.

This isn’t always true – but if you’re looking for $500,000 or more worth of equipment it’s extremely likely you’ll need more than just a credit check.

The actual credit requirements are also varied.

If you’re a newer business (under 2 years) you should have at least a 650 credit score unless you’re prepared to make a hefty (30%+) down payment.

Established businesses have more relaxed requirements – but there are dozens of programs in the marketplace.

In many cases, a large downpayment or collateral (machinery or titled vehicles) can overcome credit challenges.


When looking for mining equipment financing, the importance of choosing the right financing partner cannot be overstated.

If we may be a good fit for your needs, please call us at (866) 631-9996 or fill out the form below.


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