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Equipment Financing Rates

Get the real information you need to know about equipment financing rates for your business.


Bad Financing Rate Information

There's misinformation all over the internet about equipment financing rates.

For example, a quick Google search has headlines with nonsense, such as:

  • 4.75% equipment financing
  • APR as low as 6%
  • We're the best equipment financing company

A quick search of your email spam folder has other outrageous lies (like hot single women in my area that are just dying to meet me) and other crazy false information we don't need in our lives or our businesses.

Here’s the thing, you need financing for your business.

You need real information – so that you can make an informed decision.

Thinking Finance rates - Smarter Finance USA

What you don't need is the old bait-and-switched. Right?

That's why we've created this page for you as a resource and why we run Smarter Finance USA in a no-fluff, no-BS way.

Current Interest Rates for
Equipment Financing

It’s not that 4.75% APR equipment financing doesn’t exist. I mean, Jennifer Lopez exists, and she’s going to marry somebody.

Well, a few somebodies. 😂

But being that you and I are not a movie star, not an ex-Major League Baseball Player, and not a hit singer, we're unlikely to be husband # 5 when she breaks up with Ben Affleck.

If you don’t have several years in business and perfect credit history (with ALL the checkboxes marked), telling you about 4.75% equipment financing is a waste of your time.

Check This Out:

Quoting an APR in equipment finance is misleading anyway. Very few contracts will ever have an APR in them.

That’s because of lawyers.

Equipment financing is all lawyered up so that equipment finance loans aren’t actually “loans” in the legal sense.

Finance rates - Lawyer - Smarter Finance USA

But, if you calculated the payments as an APR rate, most of the time, the numbers shake out to somewhere between seven and twenty percent.  

Very low-risk deals can be lower, and very high-risk deals can be higher.

Equipment Financing Calculator

There’s a calculator below. It estimates a payment, not a rate.

👉 (Because… lawyers).

It’s nowhere near perfect.

Here’s why:

  • Interest rates are changing fast. The numbers we tell the computer to spit out may be wrong by next week.
  • If we asked you all 25+ questions that lenders ask, you’d never fill out the whole thing.
  • Even if we got all 25 answers from you – the numbers the calculator says still wouldn’t be right.

It’s not that we don’t know what we’re doing.

There are dozens of equipment financing credit lines from various investors, lenders, and banks.

They all have different math models, and most don’t even make their models public.

So, the numbers this calculator says are a “best guess” based on our experiences. We’ve done thousands of transactions., and so have an idea of where your payments will be.

We want to give you some estimate of what you might see. But know that it’s nowhere near perfect.



What Will Your Rates be to
Finance Business Equipment?


Those numbers the calculator told you, maybe they’re right. Or at least close.

Do you want real rates for equipment financing? You get those by talking to a human.

Here’s the deal:

A quick conversation is all it takes. We do a soft credit pull to prequalify you without creating an inquiry on your credit. So it doesn’t hurt your credit score.

There’s no way to promise you approval or that you’ll like the rate but what I can promise you is we won’t BS you.

When we train our people at Smarter Finance USA, they’re told nobody will cry if they use a four-letter word but lying to a customer means they are fired.

To learn your real rate, call (866) 631-9996 or fill out the form below.


Learn Your Rates to Finance Equipment

Get a free soft credit pull so you can prequalify without hurting your credit.