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Posted by Rob Misheloff




Do you ever wish you could Master Your Financials in your Business?  


Do you make great money in your Business yet it feels like profits are leaking out and you don’t understand the financial side of things and wish you did?


Do you want to learn how to read financial statements and would it if someone could teach you in a “simple” and “easy” manner?


Do you cringe and have are afraid when anyone mentions “taxes” or “financials”? Do you want to stop running the other way and finally take control to know and understand your numbers like a CEO should?


If you said YES to any of these, then, keep reading!

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Office Equipment Leasing: Should You Finance Business Equipment?

Posted by Rob Misheloff


Decking out an office…

… it’s amazing how fast it all adds up.

(Even if you’re buying “cheap” furniture…)


Should you pay cash?

Or… should you lease and/or finance equipment?

Check this out…

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Tips for Obtaining Financing - Despite Challenged Credit

Posted by Rob Misheloff

Note: the following is a guest post by Doug Houlahan, EVP, Maxim Commercial Capital

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Subprime Equipment Financing: How High are the Rates?

Posted by Rob Misheloff


What do you do…

…if you need to finance equipment…

…but your credit is so bad it hurts a lender’s eyes?

Did you know…

… there are programs you can access for subprime truck leasing?

(And other types of equipment too…)

But… a warning…

You really, *really* need to be careful.

Check this out:

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[Small Ticket Leasing] How to Finance Equipment Under $10,000

Posted by Rob Misheloff

We often get calls from equipment sellers…

The call goes something like this:

“I’ve called 20 different equipment leasing companies…

… and they all refuse to help my customers that want to lease equipment unless it costs at least $10,000.

Can you help me?”

Until recently, the answer was “No way, Jose.”


Here’s the deal…

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Welder Financing: What are Rates to Finance a Welding Machine?

Posted by Rob Misheloff


We talk to plenty of folks about financing a welding machine (cutting equipment too), and most conversations start with the same two questions:

  1. Who qualifies to finance welding equipment?
  2. What are the rates and terms for welder financing or leasing?

A brief scan of the first page of Google turned up two types of companies:

  • Some companies say nothing other than that they can finance or lease welders.
  • Others tell you rates that are total crap


Do you see a payment "calculator" that only shows the best payment?

That's like those car ads in the newspaper that show a Honda Civic for just $39 a month with teeny tiny little print that says, "only one at this price."

You would probably appreciate being able to finance your welding equipment without getting lied to about what your payments will be, right?

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5 Crucial Steps to Finding the Best Equipment Financing Company (for You)

Posted by Rob Misheloff


Have you Googled around for equipment financing?

Seen any jokers proclaiming themselves to be the “#1 Best Equipment Financing Company?”

Who proclaimed them that?

Was there a vote?

Already seems like a company to avoid, doesn’t it?

Let’s talk about how to find the best equipment financing company…

…for you.

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[New Podcast] Should You Pay Cash for Your Equipment or Finance it?

Posted by Rob Misheloff


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First Time Owner-Operator Financing: The 5 Best Programs

Posted by Rob Misheloff



You’re trying to finance your first truck…

It’s a bitch, right?


Finding the information you need to make a decision online?

Good luck with that.

I know what you’re thinking too…

“Are these guys going to screw me on the rates?”

Check this out…

Special Note: There are dozens of programs available for owner operators. Some may be a better fit for you than others. To learn about more programs than are covered in this article, click here 

 PS - Don't feel like reading?

You may also listen to this article by clicking the "play" button below. To download it to your phone, find the Smarter Business Finance Podcast in Itunes, Stitcher or Google Play. 

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The Truth about Boom and Bucket Truck Financing

Posted by Rob Misheloff



What’s the difference between…

… a lying scumbag finance company…

…and a bucket of spit?

That’s right…

The bucket.

Funny, right?

Wanna know what’s not so funny?

Lying to you about the rates.


Check this out…

Special Note: If you're in a hurry, and just want to speak to a live person (who will tell you the truth), you may skip all the reading and click here

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