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Commercial Truck Financing for Good Credit, Bad Credit and Startups

Posted by Rob Misheloff

If you're trying to get the information you need about commercial truck financing you may be having some difficulty.

The big problem in the truck financing industry -  some people that run financing companies learned early on in their career that if you come right out and say to people what the financing will really cost...

They will hang up on you.

It's better just to lie to you about the rates and payments - once we check your credit we can just make up some BS excuse why the costs are going to be higher than what you were first told.

Of course, by the time you've sent in your credit application, you've already picked out your truck and the dealer is going to be pissed if you don't get it financed pronto.

That's pretty lame, right?

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Dump Truck Financing: What are Your Options?

Posted by Rob Misheloff

So, you need to finance a dump truck…

… but your credit isn’t so great…

Note: If your credit is not so bad, you may want to check out our Ultimate Guide to Dump Truck Financing 

You already know buying your own dump truck is WAY better than driving for somebody else.

 (Dump truck owners make an average of $128,263 per year, while those who drive for others make around $17.40 an hour).

Many finance companies won’t consider dump truck loans or leases if you have bad credit.

There are options, though.

Let’s talk about how to buy a dump truck if your credit isn’t perfect.


Free Bonus Section: The first question we get asked about financing a dump truck is usually how much you will need to put down. We've put together a free guide to dump truck down payments. Click here to get access.

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How Much Does It Cost To Lease A Used Dump Truck?

Posted by Rob Misheloff

If you're looking for a used dump truck for your business, you may be able to find dump truck prices online, but it's hard to find real information about what your actual payments will be.

Sure, there are equipment leasing calculators on a lot of equipment leasing broker websites, but most only show you the lowest rates, which are usually wildly different than what you will really pay.

So let's start with what dump trucks actually cost, and then we'll delve into what the payments might be.

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