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Alternative Loans

5 min read

Contractor Loans: 7 Ways to Finance Your Construction Business

We help a lot of contractors buy equipment.... A lot of the time, the folks we are helping are purchasing equipment they'll need for a large contract. Have you been in this situation? If so, you know that you'll have a lot of costs before you get...

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4 min read

Small Business Term Loans Vs. Merchant Cash Advance: Which is Best?

Are you looking for a loan for your business but don't have perfect credit? Maybe you've spoken to some folks about either a merchant cash advance... or a "working capital" loan... ... you know the type that suck payments out of your accounts every...

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10 min read

15 Ways to Access Small Business Startup Loans

Are you thinking about starting a business, or have you recently started a new venture? You certainly aren't alone. In fact, 543,000 small businesses are started in the United States every month. That's the good news. Less good: half won't make it...

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3 min read

Dental Practice Financing: What are the Best Loans for Dentists?

Are you considering a dental practice loan? You'd rather perform a root canal on yourself than talk to 13 different companies to find the information you need. Right? Here's the problem: (Almost) every website you go to will tell you why their...

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3 min read

Medical Practice Financing: What are the Best Loans for Doctors?

Are you searching online for medical practice financing? There's a big problem. Really big... You may have noticed... Most every website pitching loans for doctors tells you why they are the absolute best choice for you. That's ridiculous, right? ...

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1 min read

Equipment Sale Leaseback Financing: Pros and Cons

There are numerous methods for small business owners to get their hands on cash, but one of the least known and least used methods is called an equipment sale leaseback transaction. Sale-leaseback works kind of like an equity loan on your house....

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