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The Smarter Business Finance Podcast

A friendly finance-focused podcast designed to make it easy to learn about heavy equipment, vendor equipment, and healthcare financing.

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21 min read

Private Seller Equipment Financing: Pros, Cons and How-To

Buying equipment from a private seller can save you *big* when compared to buying from a dealer... but there are some things to watch out for - especially if you're financing the deal. Jenn and Anthony cover the pitfalls, the gotchas, and how to...

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28 min read

From Zero to Equipment: Financing Your Startup's Growth

Equipment financing for a startup can be challenging and there's not much good information available on the internet.  Today's episode covers the...

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26 min read

Equipment Financing for Customers: How to Avoid Deal Killers

What can kill an equipment financing deal? Things like poor credit, unclear business ownership, and unfavorable equipment can stop you from getting...

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17 min read

Online Reviews: What to Look for in an Equipment Financing Company

Reading reviews is super important before working with any company... and that most certainly includes equipment financing.  You (probably) wouldn't...

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27 min read

The True Cost of Equipment Financing For Your Business

What are equipment finance rates? How are they calculated?  Do they even matter? Robert Jackson and Jennifer Casey break it down in this episode. 

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19 min read

Smarter Equipment Finance: Jobs, culture, and you ...

Are you (or someone you know) looking for a job in sales in Las Vegas? . We may (or may not) be a good fit for you.  Jenn and Kevin break down what...

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Why Your Company Exists - Do Your Employees and Customers Know?

16 min read

Why Your Company Exists - Do Your Employees and Customers Know?

If you read books about business, you've heard about "mission statements."  Also known as "boring MBA-speak" (that would be way better if it was in...

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