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SBA Lenders: a Partner You Can Work With

If you specialize in SBA loans, you probably have to turn away the vast majority of your applicants. If you don't offer other "non-bank" products, that is a missed revenue opportunity, as well as not exactly a "feel good" moment for you.

We can help when you have to say no, and provide an additional revenue opportunity depending on who you work through.

You may notice that throughout our site, we are completely transparent about lending options, rates, and the basic things a business borrower may want or need to know before acquiring financing. Rest assured if you send us your "turn downs" they will be dealt with honestly, and it won't reflect back badly on you for having referred them.

We Will Pay You For Referrals (If We Can)

Except in cases where it is illegal (i.e. if you offer loans through a bank, credit union) we will share up to 2 points (2% of loan amount) generated by your referrals.

Rest assured that since we're being transparent and upfront about this on our website, we will be just as transparent and upfront with your customers about anything and everything having to do with their loan.

We can help your clients with:

  • Equipment finance and leasing
  • Short-term business loans (under 24 months)
  • Medium term business loans (2-5 years)
  • Accounts Receivable Financing

Additionally, when we encounter someone who is clearly more suited for an SBA loan (or who should at least apply for one) we are interested in building a network of partners to whom we can refer those people.

If you'd like to talk further about working together, please give us a call at (877) 982-3292.

What Rob Thinks:

You hate the word no as much as your applicants do. We get that.

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