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Banks and Credit Unions: We Know You Hate Saying No

If you work in a bank or a credit union helping small businesses get financing, not very many people realize that it makes you absolutely miserable when you have to turn them down for the money they need.

If your customers come to you for small business loans or equipment financing, you are probably having to say "no" several times a week. It's our experience that the business loan officers at banks and credit unions often don't have anywhere to refer their customers to, or they may work with one or two resources that don't really have programs that will be a match many of their customers' needs.

Helping Your Customer is of Paramount Importance to You

We want to let you know that we can be a resource when you have to turn down a business owner seeking financing. More importantly, we are a resource that will be transparent, and educate your customers in much the same way we do throughout our website.

If you send a customer to us, there will be no hard sell, no smoke and mirrors, and no shenanigans. It's unfortunate that this is rare in the market for non-bank business lending, but rest assured we will take good care of your customers.

We can help your customers with:

  • Equipment finance and leasing
  • Short-term business loans (under 24 months)
  • Medium term business loans (2-5 years)
  • Accounts Receivable Financing

Additionally, when we do encounter folks who would clearly be better served going to their bank or credit union (or who should at least try before going for a more expensive option) we need people to refer them to, so let's talk.

If you'd like to talk further about working together, please give us a call at (877) 982-3292.

What Rob Thinks:

We know you loathe telling your customers they got declined. We can help.

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