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How Small Business Lending 101 Works

The Smarter Finance USA team is here and we're waiting to help!

How Small Business Lending 101 Works

Thanks for joining us here at Smarter Finance USA.

Our goal is to help you make sense of all the different information out there so that you can make the most informed decisions about loans for your business.

We have found that most people need answers to a core group of questions.

They are:

  1. What kind of loans are out there for small business?
  2. What can I use the money for?
  3. What does small business financing cost?
  4. Do I qualify for a loan?
  5. Can a new business qualify for a small business loan?

Equipment Leasing 101 is a road map designed to make it easy to navigate through these core questions.

Each page includes advice, commentary, and links to other resources all of which are dedicated to teaching you the topic at hand.