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Commercial Truck Financing for Good Credit, Bad Credit and Startups

Posted by Rob Misheloff

If you're trying to get the information you need about commercial truck financing you may be having some difficulty.

The big problem in the truck financing industry -  some people that run financing companies learned early on in their career that if you come right out and say to people what the financing will really cost...

They will hang up on you.

It's better just to lie to you about the rates and payments - once we check your credit we can just make up some BS excuse why the costs are going to be higher than what you were first told.

Of course, by the time you've sent in your credit application, you've already picked out your truck and the dealer is going to be pissed if you don't get it financed pronto.

That's pretty lame, right?

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Food Truck Financing: How to Qualify to Lease a Food Truck

Posted by Rob Misheloff

Food trucks are awesome.

Maybe you are considering entering the food truck business for one simple reason: startup costs and operating expenses for a food truck are a fraction of the costs to open and run a restaurant...

The problem: you probably don't have piles of extra money just lying around to just write a check for all the startup expenses, right?

Often, you can simply finance your food truck - but it can be really hard to figure out online who qualifies to do that and how.

Today, I'm going to fix that problem and show you what it will take to qualify for food truck financing.

Exclusive Bonus: The most important question most people have when researching how to get a loan for a food truck is how much down payment they'll need. We've created this free guide to understanding the down payment you'll need to finance your food truck. 


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Tractor Financing Rates: How Much do Tractor Loans Cost?

Posted by Rob Misheloff

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15 Ways to Access Small Business Startup Loans

Posted by Rob Misheloff

Are you thinking about starting a business, or have you recently started a new venture? 

You certainly aren't alone. In fact, 543,000 small businesses are started in the United States every month

That's the good news. Less good: half won't make it until year 5. 

The biggest challenge you're likely to face is not having access to the money you need to fully execute your business plan.

Think of your business like a video game: you don't want to play Super Mario Brothers with only one Mario. You want 5 "lives" because somewhere along the way, you're going to press the wrong button. Money for your business doesn't guarantee success, but having access to "do-overs" certainly makes it more likely. 

The biggest tragedy to all this:

There's plenty of money out there for startup business loans.

You just may not know all the rocks to look under. Let's look at 15 ways you can access money for your new business. 

Special Note: If you have a credit score of 700 or greater, just about the best start up business loans program we've seen offers up to $150,000 at rates from 7-10%. You may inquire about this program by clicking here.


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Bad Credit Equipment Financing - What are the Negatives?

Posted by Rob Misheloff

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Topics: Leasing, Problems With Business Lending, equipment leasing rates

What are Heavy Equipment Finance Rates?

Posted by Rob Misheloff

We talk to quite a few folks about heavy equipment finance.

The question we get most often, and usually first, is, "What are the rates?"

The answer is always the same.

Heavy equipment finance rates depend on your situation.

A lot goes into the costs of financing or leasing heavy equipment, so this article will attempt to give you a better idea of what the costs will really be to finance heavy equipment.

The most important things that go into determining heavy equipment finance costs are:

  1. Who you use for financing
  2. The cost of the equipment
  3. Loan vs. Lease
  4. Your personal credit
  5. How long you've been in business

Let's talk about each of these things and how they relate to what your equipment will cost.

Special note: We can tell you what your rates would be relative to your unique situation. 

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Dump Truck Financing: What are Your Options?

Posted by Rob Misheloff

So, you need to finance a dump truck…

… but your credit isn’t so great…

Note: If your credit is not so bad, you may want to check out our Ultimate Guide to Dump Truck Financing 

You already know buying your own dump truck is WAY better than driving for somebody else.

 (Dump truck owners make an average of $128,263 per year, while those who drive for others make around $17.40 an hour).

Many finance companies won’t consider dump truck loans or leases if you have bad credit.

There are options, though.

Let’s talk about how to buy a dump truck if your credit isn’t perfect.


Free Bonus Section: The first question we get asked about financing a dump truck is usually how much you will need to put down. We've put together a free guide to dump truck down payments. Click here to get access.

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Topics: Leasing, equipment leasing rates, dump trucks, construction equipment

Who are the Best Equipment Leasing Companies?

Posted by Rob Misheloff

There are hundreds of equipment leasing companies in the US.

We detail a lot about problems with many of the companies out there, but many leasing companies are fair, honest and straightforward.

We deal with many of the best equipment leasing companies, and today it's time to recognize those in the industry that are awesome.

What makes an awesome equipment leasing company?

  1.       They are transparent about their pricing
  2.       There is no misleading information on their website or other marketing materials
  3.       They are clear in letting you know if you will qualify for financing with them and find ways to make reasonable transactions happen
  4.       Others in the industry have good things to say about them

The above sounds silly, because these items should represent what every equipment finance company does, but the fact is most don't do this.

Special Note: If you are an equipment seller looking for a good vendor financing program, please see Vendor Financing: 5 Critical Things to Look for in a Partner.

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Answers to the Top 6 Questions About Financing a Used Skid Steer

Posted by Rob Misheloff

We answer a ton of questions at Smarter Finance USA about financing skid steers.

Most of the time we end up talking to someone about financing used equipment.

Generally, most shoppers have the same 5 questions.

The questions we are asked most are:

  1. Do I have to own a business to get financing?
  2. What does it take to qualify?
  3. What are the rates?
  4. Do I have to put any money down?
  5. Will the equipment I want qualify for a loan or lease?
  6. How long does it take?

Let's talk about these things.

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Topics: Leasing, equipment leasing rates, construction equipment, skid steers

5 Lies Heavy Equipment Finance Companies Tell You

Posted by Rob Misheloff


So... you need to finance heavy equipment.

Are you wondering which companies you can trust?

We hear from many folks who speak to a heavy equipment finance company...

...and get told one thing...

...but after they have paid a deposit the terms change. 

Maybe you've seen some of this debauchery out there. 

if you know what to look for... hopefully you can avoid some of the shams when you finance construction machinery

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Topics: Leasing, Problems With Business Lending, equipment leasing rates, construction equipment

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