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What are Fair Market Value (FMV) Equipment Lease Buyout Options?

Posted by Rob Misheloff


Do you need to finance some equipment?

I bet you're annoyed with all the jargon that you see.

If you're on someone's website, or talking to a leasing professional...

... they assume you're a lawyer or accountant with all the geeky words they use.

Probably the one term we encounter the most people confused about is FMV lease buyout options.

It's almost like...

...some companies out there...

...want to keep their customers confused....  

That, my friends, is no good at all.

Today, let's decode some of the equipment leasing babblespeak into plain English.

Shall we?

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Car Wash Financing: What Loans & Equipment Leasing Options are There?

Posted by Rob Misheloff


Do you own, or are you starting a car wash?

If so, you probably know two things:

  1. Car washes can be very profitable
  2. Running, building, or buying a car wash means you need access to significant capital.

So, where is all that money going to come from?

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How To Qualify for Medical & Aesthetic Laser Financing

Posted by Rob Misheloff


Are you looking to finance or lease a laser machine?

Here's the first question you'll be asked:

"Medical or non-medical?"

The reason is simple:

Non-medical lasers show up on the "restricted list" for probably 80% of equipment financing sources.

Do you want to know why?

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How to Offer Equipment Financing to Your Customers

Posted by Rob Misheloff


Do you sell business equipment?

You'll probably agree:

Finding the right company to offer financing to your customers can be a real challenge...

...but it's a necessary evil, right?

Let's face it -  you'll lose customers to your competitors if you don't make it easy for them to buy your equipment.

I'll show you some of the most important considerations in setting up a financing program for your clients.

Let's jump right in...

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Crane Financing: What are the Rates to Finance or Lease a Crane?

Posted by Rob Misheloff


Are you looking into crane financing?

Financing for a crane is a little bit different than a lot of other types of equipment.

Do you want to know why?

Cranes aren't exactly "cheap."

When we help customers look at financing for a crane, we find most cranes cost from $200,000 to just over $1 million or so.

That's enough money that the transaction becomes just a little more complex....

(Which means we'll need to do a little more than just check your credit and ask for a couple of bank statements...)

With that, let's look at what it takes to get financing for your crane purchase.

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Brewery Equipment Financing: Rates & How To Qualify

Posted by Rob Misheloff


Are you looking online for brewery equipment financing?

Do you want to get real information before picking up the phone?

I mean, maybe it's just some joker who is fixing to lie to you, right?

Man, oh, man...

When you enter that search into Google, you mostly get told nothing...

You'll see:

  • Daily payment lenders (who want you to pay off your equipment in 6 months)
  • Companies promoting "low payments"
  • Total B.S., like "5% rates..."

... but not one word about what you care about.

Kind of makes you want to have a beer (or four),no?

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SaaS Contract Financing: Can You Lease Cloud Software?

Posted by Rob Misheloff


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Box Truck Leasing & Financing : 5 Ways to Qualify [and Rates]

Posted by Rob Misheloff

When you look online for box truck financing, the most common question is:

"Will I qualify?"

The interwebs, in all their glory, tell you approximately nothing about this key question that you'll need answered to start making some plans.

Want to know a secret?

Are you going to get the straight scoop online?

No way Jose -

We've got to get you to call...

PS - If you don't want to read all this, or get bored, just click here and get a quick quote for rates to finance your box truck

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Used Truck Financing: How to Finance Older Trucks

Posted by Rob Misheloff

If you're in the trucking business, you probably want to be successful, right?

Whether you're running a dump truck, a semi, or a water truck, you've got to make sure the numbers work, or else you won't be driving your own truck for very long.

A lot of times, that can mean financing an older truck, but some of our customers have told us they have trouble finding someone who can finance vehicles older than 7 years old.

Special Bonus: When deals make sense... we can get old trucks approved. Click here for a quote.

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Food Concession Trailer Financing: How to Qualify for a Loan

Posted by Rob Misheloff

Have you always dreamed of starting your own restaurant, but know you'll never be able to come up with half a million dollars to do it?

Concession trucks and trailers can get you in business for about a tenth of the cost of starting a restaurant.  

OK, yes, I'm preaching to the choir here, since you probably already know this, or you wouldn't be searching online for information about concession trailer financing.

Are you ready to start a mobile food business, (or just growing your existing empire)?

I'll show you how to finance your equipment.

(Just in case you don't have a small fortune socked away to write a check for all the things you need to get into the business and have enough left over to actually buy gas and food).

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