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4 min read

Horizontal Machining Center Vs. Vertical Machining Center

Every year, Modern Machine Shop does studies on the machine shop industry. One of the most helpful things they do is their Top Shops report, which does a detailed breakdown of the differences between what the fastest growing and most profitable...

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1 min read

Equipment Sale Leaseback Financing: Pros and Cons



There are numerous methods for small business owners to get their hands on cash, but one of the least known and least used methods is called an  equipment sale leaseback transaction.

Sale-leaseback works kind of like an equity loan on your house. If...

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3 min read

Bloomberg Gets it Wrong Regarding Subprime Small Business Loans

A recent article in Bloomberg entitled Wall Street Finds New Subprime With 125% Business Loans talks about the recent phenomenon of extraordinarily high interest rate business loans. The article goes on to detail the exploits of a company called World...

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2 min read

Equipment Leasing Payments: What Equipment Financing Really Costs

Many equipment leasing companies do everything they can to hide the true costs from you, the equipment buyer, until you've gone through their system and are so deep in the buying process that it's hard to back out. 

There are online equipment finance...

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5 min read

5 Equipment Leasing Scams and Problems To Look Out For

There are some sketchy practices in equipment financing.

Way sketchy... 

Any type of financing is complex...

...with lots of funky terms...


... bigger industries (like mortgage and insurance) are regulated.

...when someone breaks the rules,...

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